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BSNENY Services for Members of BlueShield of Northeastern New York Insurance

We are a provider of BlueShield of Northeastern New York (BSNENY) and can offer members  who have the BlueLife Education and Wellness Program benefit a variety classes for free.  You simply tell us the classes that you are interested in and we will take care of the rest.  We will schedule you for available classes and we will bill your insurance company accordingly. 


Members who have the wellness benefit can utilize the following services:  group exercise, weight management, wellness education, and stress management services.  Members (and their family members covered under this benefit) are allowed to take 20 exercise classes per year as well as our Weight Management Program, Stress Management, and any of our wellness classes. Each of these categories are covered by the BSNENY wellness benefit and they can all be taken during a calendar year.


Accessing our community classes  is easy.  Go to the Class Schedule to review the classes offered and their locations with available times. Select a desired class or call us first to discuss, then submit a registration form designated for members of BSNENY.  (See tab REGISTRATION for members of BSNENY).  We will confirm your eligibility for the class,  schedule you for available classes,  and send you a registration confirmation.  We will bill your insurance company accordingly, there is no charge to you.   

Employee Interest Survey for Business and Schools


For business or schools where a large majority of employees have the BSNENY wellness benefit we can design classes specific to meet the interests of your employees.  Currently we serve many businesses and school districts in New York State.  We provide a full variety of exercise classes, wellness classes, and a weight management class.

We have created a Fitness Interest Survey to help identify employee interest.  We suggest you use this survey to determine fitness priorities for your employees.  Part of our service is to collate the answers on this survey and then to provide you with class recommendations based on survey results.  The survey can be electronically  disseminated and returned to our email address.  Alternatively we can provide a fitness survey drop box for employees to place their completed surveys.

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