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Weight Management

Our Products and Programs

Fitness Professionals On Demand Inc. offers specific products and 3 healthy eating programs to help you lose pounds and keep them off. 

Our Products:

Shakes,bars, supplements & TLS 21 Day Challenge Kit

Our Weight Loss Programs: 

   Commit to Be Fit- meets once per week for ten weeks 
   The TLS 21 Day Challenge Fit -for the busy person who can not attend weekly meetings
   Fit Friendly Corporate Weight Loss Challenge

Each program includes personal coaching, education and support. They are focused on principles of healthy eating and the participant acquiring the knowledge & skills to make a lifestyle change. All three programs can be offered at corporate site. Commit To Be Fit  is also offered periodically in the community for the general public. Details for current community classes are listed under class schedule.

Commit to Be Fit

Commit To Be Fit is a 10-week program meeting once per week for one hour. It is based on principles of healthy eating, lifestyle change,and low glycemic food choices. Participants acquire the knowledge for healthy eating such as reading labels, healthy snacks, hormones, stress and weight gain.This program is offered at corporate site and in the community. At the corporate site it can also be provided virtually. All instructors are certified or degreed in weight management & /or health. 

Participant Cost: $175.   BSNENY Benefit covers program cost $150. Members pay only $25 for textbook.

January 2017 community programs:

ABC Sports & Fitness
3 Johnson Rd, Latham
Thurs: 6:30pm Starts 1/12/17

Edward Jones
1603 Route 9, Clifton Park Wed: 6 Pm Starts (1/25/17)

Washington County Public Health Annex Meeting Room
383 Broadway, Fort Edward   Monday: 4:45 Starts 1/9/17


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What to expect:

  • Initial assessment of eating habits
  • Before & after measurements
  • Personalized profile questionnaire
  • Weekly meetings with a credentialed coach
  • Low glycemic eating plans/menus
  • Weekly review of participant progress 
  • Education to develop skills for healthy eating                                                  
  • TLS Health Guide and Journal
  • Buddy system
  • Exercise plan to meet individual life style 
  • Weight loss web site w/ videos & recipes


TLS 21 Day Challenge Kit.

Click here to purchase of the TLS 21 Day Challenge Kit

The TLS 21 day program is great for anyone that needs to lose 5 to 20 pounds and it is a great jump start program for anyone who needs to lose more weight.Refresh your system and reach your weight loss goals with this great new kit from TLS Weight Loss Solution.

This Challenge has all the essential elements for maximizing your metabolism, getting you back on healthy choices and achieving successful weight loss.The 21 day challenge is designed for maximum weight loss with two phases: Phase 1 is a cleanse and Phase 2 is the fat-burning phase, where fat and inches are lost. 

Inside the Kit you’ll find a program guide, a 7-day cleaning system, high protein/low fat TLS Nutrition Shakes to fuel your body during Phase  2, TLS shaker bottle, isotonic multivitamins & an antioxidant, as well as a Core fat & Carb inhibitor to support weight loss. The guide has all the information you need to start your Challenge including program overview & daily checklist, list of power foods, & healthy eating plan for both phases

Click here to view video on the TLS 21 Day Challenge 

Fit Friendly Weight Loss Challenge

    Increase employee health, cohesiveness & productivity 

Challenge your employees to healthy life style changes with the Fit Friendly Weight Loss Challenge.This is a fun and competitive weight loss and exercise program.It operates over a 10-12-week period with an instructor.

Employees within the same business or different businesses are assigned to competitive groups.Group progress measures are posted weekly. Progress measures include percent of weight loss and exercise hours achieved during the week. Weekly weights are taken (usually during the lunch hour) and information on healthy eating and weight loss is shared.Individual confidentiality is maintained. Prizes are provided to the winner group(s).


One of many customer testimonies

"In the beginning I was not sure about the lifestyle change weight class.  I stuck with it and I am very happy that I did.  I am more conscious of what I eat. It’s amazing how much weight you can lose by changing what you eat…... More people have asked me what I am doing and (saying) that I look good. I tell them that it’s not a diet;  it’s a lifestyle change.  The Instructor was very realistic about the difficulty of losing weight and gave very practical tips to stay on track." Click here for more testimonies


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