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Weight Management

Taking control of your weight can be hard work at first, but it pays off and produces results that will last a lifetime. Results you will be proud of!

Assess Your Weight and Health Risk

Visit the National Health and Lung Institute web site to assess your weight and health risk.

Join,Take Control of Your Weight,  to achieve your weight management goals.

Take Control of Your Weight is a comprehensive program based on healthy eating practices and exercises recommended by the USDA. It is about making life style changes to promote wellness. It includes a daily journal,  regular weight ins,  body fat measurements (to monitor progress),  adherence to low glycemic food choices, journaling,  a buddy system,  educational information,  techniques such as setting weight- loss goals and strategizing about how to maintain life style changes, incorporating routine exercise ,  meal planning,  sharing recipes  and participation in a weekly support group and learning to address the psychological barriers that create roadblocks to weight loss.  The program is lead by either a dietitian,  person certified in weight managmment,  or somone with a degree in nutrition.  You will implement an exercise program and learn how to create healthy eating habits while still eating a normal diverse diet.

Educational topics will be presented each week.  Examples include:

  • Fad diets
  • Why can’t I lose weight?
  • Food label reading.
  • How to recognize good fats & bad fats.
  • Low glycemic carbs.

At the end of this 10  week program you will be eating correcting and following an exercise program which fits your lifestyle.  Take Control of Your Weight, is not a fad program,  it is a way of life.  This program helps you stay on track and achieve results for a lifetime.  It gives you the tools to help you transition from knowing what you need and doing it!

The format of the weight management classes is structured, supportive, educational, and fun.  For the first part of the program you will complete a daily journal.  This will help you see your eating & exercise patterns which allows you to make better choices.  You will participate in a buddy system where you and another class member support each other during this 10 week learning expierence.  Once a week you will participate in a weekly support group.  At each meeting you will review your progress written in your daily journal and learn new information to help you make the correct food choices.  At the beginning and end of this program you will receive a body fat analysis to show you your progress.

Participants in this program will achieve the following:

1. Lose both weight and body fat in a safe and healthy way.
2. Form healthy eating habits which will last a lifetime.
3. Implement an exercise program consistant with the Center For Disease Control Guidelines.


  •  I thought this program was great.  I’ve been on weight loss programs before that only worked for a short time.  This program is not just a weight loss but a better way to eat for life.  Now I just have to stay on it without our weekly class for support.  Also, I was never hungry and I didn’t have a hard time staring on it.  I still do miss my cookies!!  I just wanted to say how great Judy and Adam were.  They were so supportive and never pushy.  They were a very big part of the reason I stayed on the program.  Adam and Judy were both so up, always working with us to make it work!
  •  This program has been such a great help in my goal to lose weight.  My clothes are much looser.  Have gone down one size.  Friends and family members have noticed.  I feel much more energetic.  I am eating healthier and enjoying it.    Do not miss candy, chips as much as I thought I would.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking to eat healthier and lose weight.
  • In the beginning I was not sure about the lifestyle change weight class.  I stuck with it and I am very happy that I did.  I am more conscious of what I eat. It’s amazing how much weight you can lose by changing what you eat.  More people have asked me what I am doing and (saying) that I look good.  I tell them that it’s not a diet;  it’s a lifestyle change.  They want to know more.  I feel better about myself.  I lost 24 pounds in 12 weeks.
  • What I like best about the class were the facts about how your body handles certain food choices, the accountability of the weigh-ins and measurements and Joe’s passion for the topic. Very knowledgeable!
  • The class was very good.  This class was very informative and learned a lot on how to take control of my weight and how to lose weight.  I have been trying to lose for several years; the most I lost was 12 pounds and gained it back.  On this plan I lose 39 pounds!
  • This class has given me the strength that I needed to start and continue with a healthy way of eating.  It has made me feel more energetic and healthier!
  •  I’m now eating better foods.  I’ve lost a good amount of weight and I plan to continue.  I fit in clothes I haven’t fit in for a long time.  I feel and look better.  I plan to be a lot healthier and thinner in the future.  Thank you.
  •  (The Instructor) was very realistic about the difficulty of losing weight and gave very practical tips to stay on track.
  •   I learned a lot and am happy with the inches I lost.  Wish there would have been an exercise part with it would have helped a lot.
  •  This class really helped me to keep motivated.  I feel so much better and I have met my goal.  Thank you so much!
  •   I have exceeded weight loss goal and plan to try to go lower.  It has helped me learn to watch what is in the food that I am eating.
  •  Totally enjoyed the class and knowledge I learned.  Finally lost the extra weight I have not been able to get off the past 2-3 years. 
  •  This class was very helpful.  I feel it won’t be hard to continue.  Very informative.  Learned the reasoning about why foods in the high glycemic level have to be watched.
  •  What I liked best was the discussions between the class and the helpful suggestions from Joe and the class


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