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Weight Management

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Fitness Professionals On Demand Inc. offers three weight management programs:
   - Commit to Be Fit
   - Fit Friendly Weight Loss Challenge
   - The TLS 21 Day Challenge

Each program includes personal coaching, education and support. They are focused on principles of healthy eating and the participant acquiring the knowledge & skills to make a lifestyle change.

All three programs can be offered at corporate site. Commit To Be Fit  is also offered periodically in the community for the general public. Available community classes are listed under class schedule.

Commit to Be Fit

This is our standard weight management program. It is based on principles of healthy eating lifestyle change, low glycemic food choices. This program is offered at corporate site and in the community. At the corporate site it can also be provided virtually.

  • 10 -week program, offered virtually or onsite for 1 hour each week
  • Initial assessment of current eating & complete measurements
  • Weekly meetings with a credentialed coach where participant progress is reviewed and healthy eating skills are acquired
  • Vitamins and supplementation focused on weight loss
  • Choice of 4 low glycemic menu plans
  • Weight loss personalized profile questionnaire (click here)
  • Journal - link this to Store Health Products Weight Loss
  • Access to a weight loss web site with educational videos & 100s of recipes.
  • A structured series of educational classes to support you in making healthy eating choices (examples include macro nutrients, reading labels, hormones/ stress and weight gain)
Fit Friendly Weight Loss Challenge

Challenge your employees to healthy life style changes. Fit Friendly weight loss Challenge is a fun and competitive weight loss and exercise program. It usually operates over a 12-week period. Employees within the same business or different businesses are assigned to competitive groups.

Group progress measures are posted weekly. They include percent of weight loss and exercise hours achieved during the week. Weekly weights are taken (usually during the lunch hour) and information on healthy eating and weight loss is shared.Individual confidentiality is maintained.

The employer provides prizes to the winner group.


TLS 21 Day Challenge

Whether you want to tighten up your tummy, lose those last 10 pounds the 21 Day Challenge is just what you need. This program is for individuals. Each person purchases the TLS 21-Day Challenge Kit. The Kit includes a detox and healthy diet plan, a 7-day cleaning system, exercise requirements, supplements to support weight loss and TLS Nutrition Shakes.

Click here for a detailed description of the kit and program


One of many customer testimonies

"In the beginning I was not sure about the lifestyle change weight class.  I stuck with it and I am very happy that I did.  I am more conscious of what I eat. It’s amazing how much weight you can lose by changing what you eat…... More people have asked me what I am doing and (saying) that I look good. I tell them that it’s not a diet;  it’s a lifestyle change.  The Instructor was very realistic about the difficulty of losing weight and gave very practical tips to stay on track." Click here for more testimonies


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