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 Corporate Wellness 


It is a proven fact that workplace exercise & wellness programs can reduce insurance costs, decrease absenteeism, injury rates, and improve job performance.

We design, operate, and deliver employee wellness programs for businesses and school districts. Our goal is to improve the health of employees and to create a more productive work environment. Our primary services are Wellness Education, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Weight Loss, Stress Management, and Gym Design.Costs are based on number of employees and services requested. We are also a provider of Blue Shield of Northeastern NY insurance and many of our services are free to employees with the wellness plan or card.


Our services begin with conversations with management to determine wellness goals as well as  company assets which can be used to support wellness programs. Our staff then assess employee interest and preferred meeting times. Based on employee interest, and in partnership with management, we develop a customized wellness plan to provide the services to enhance employee physical and emotional health 

                     Contact us at or 518-505-2669 to develop or enhance a corporate wellness program for your employees.


A brief description of each of our wellness services is as follows:

 Wellness Education

Wellness education classes are often provided as lunch and learn sessions. Sessions are designed to raise awareness and provide skills related to healthy living. Popular classes include good fats/ bad fats, understanding food labels, weight management, fitness planning, men’s health, and women’ health.

Group Fitness Classes

We offer a range of fitness classes (e.g. Bootcamp, Barre, Couch to 5K, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Conditioning with Weights, Kettle bells). Employees participation increases when it is offered at the worksite. Included in this offering are classes to help employees utilize the equipment at their corporate fitness center. Often employees do not take advantage of the corporate gym because they do not know how to safely use the equipment or how to execute a meaningful workout with the equipment.


Personal Training

We provide group and individual personal training at your business facility or at ABC Sports and Fitness in Latham, NY. For more information click here to view our personal training page!


Weight Loss

Our weight management programs support a life style change. They utilize low glycemic menu plans, exercise guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, and support for life style change via education on healthy eating (e.g eating out, good fats, hormones and weigh), journaling, tracking,recipe exchange, peer support meetings,and before and after measurements. Minimal participation is 15 employees. All programs are provided by a professional skilled in weight management. We offer three weight management program delivery model for business groups:

  • Weight Management with a Coach on-site (10 one hour sessions with the Coach over 10-weeks ) 
  • Virtual Weight Management (10 virtual one hour sessions with the coach over 10 weeks)
    • Fit Friendly Competition (a competitive and fun weight loss program delivered onsite or electronically.  Click here for sample program.  

Stress Management

 Stress management is one of most important challenge of the 21st century for Employers.  Our services can help you meet this challenge.  For information on our services please click here


Gym Design

We can help you design a corporate gym for your employees.  This is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. For information on Gym design please click below.


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