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Get in Shape with Personal Training!

Personal training is available at your work site or at ABC Sports and Fitness, Latham, NY. Personal training might just be that push you need to get started, or maybe to push past a plateau? 

A good trainer can help you set up and follow a customized resistance program and nutrition plan. Major components of this plan will be nutrition, weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, and stretching. 

Our personal trainer is Joe Cox. He has over 20 years of experience and has worked with individuals of all ages and fitness levels.  Joe is certified as both a personal trainer and nutritional consultant.  Joe also holds a degree in science and humanities along with continuing education in human nutrition.  Joe has worked in many different fitness environments including corporate fitness, franchise fitness centers, and privately owned centers.  He also has done many fit "ups" for fitness centers which includes facility design, layout, and management.


One of the most effective ways to reach your wellness goals is to work with a qualified personal trainer.  A good trainer will provide you with the knowledge and support that is needed to achieve your goals.

 A professional personal trainer will start off with getting a summary of your health history and an overall wellness evaluation on your fitness level and nutrition.  Based on your evaluation, your personal trainer will develop and implement your new regime, which will be a lifestyle change!

 During the course of your work with a personal trainer evaluations will be done again to monitor progress.  One such test should be a body composition.  Body composition is a great tool for determining fat loss, muscle gain, and caloric needs. 

 Some people meet with a personal trainer several times a week, some meet once or twice a week, and others may meet every couple of weeks.  This usually depends on finances and life circumstances.  However, either way a personal trainer in your life will make the difference. Working with a qualified personal trainer can save you months or even years of hard work.

If you are interested in setting up a personal training appointment complete and submit the Personal Training Contact Form. Joe Cox will contact you. 

Payment: Select the package you want. All personal training sessions require pre-payment, and have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please bring payment to your first session or for gifts please call us to charge over the phone

Body Composition & Needs Assessment      

This a one-hour evaluation. Specific measurements tools (BMI, weight, body fat, abdominal circumference) are used to determine your body composition and initial fitness & nutritional service plan Cost: $70      

Personal Training Sessions*

  • 4 Personal training Sessions with one person= $220
  • 6 Personal Training Sessions with one person=$300
  • 12 Personal Training Sessions with one person =$570                  
  • 4 Personal Training sessions with 2 people =$330 ($165p/p)
  • 4 Personal training sessions with 3 people =$440 (147p/p)            
  • 6 Personal Training sessions with 2 people =$450 ($225p/p)
  • 6 Personal training sessions with 3 people =$600 ($200p/p)
  • 12 Personal Training sessions with 2 people =$855 ($427.5 p/p)
  • 12 Personal training sessions with 3 people = $1140 ($380 p/p)


(*all Personal training packages include a body composition & needs assessment)

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